March Update


There's been no updates in terms of content anywhere for a while. This has less to do with my laziness and more to do with the ever closening (?) uni deadlines. These will have been and gone in around 5 weeks, so I can get back to making more illustrations in the deluded belief that this might help me get a job and I can carry on making Harry Horsefield comics in the deluded belief that people actually read them. Speaking of comics; I plan to start a new one focussing on life in a post apocalypse. I've been toying with the idea for a while now, and some illustrations in my portfolio have mirrored that. It'll be different to Harry; hopefully darker and more intelligent, thought it'd be hard to get any sillier. Lastly, my portfoilio website Art, Graphics, Alex has received a nice bit of added stuff at the bottom. Check it out.


Christmas 2011


Oh yes, it's Christmas, and about 7 months after uploading the last comic, I'm finally back on track. Or as on track as I ever am.

This time, I've done a parody of the Snowman, which really doesn't need a parody when you think about it. It's the story of a young, friendless boy who makes a snowman that comes to life through some evil black magic. This Snow Demon takes him to the North Pole, presumably to freeze him to death, but the boy survives (he also probably has unholy powers). The boy develops Stockholm syndrome and is friends with the Snow Demon when it returns him to his home. Over night, the Demon melts (which says just how pretty screwed up the ecosystem in this world is, considering snowmen take AGES to melt). The boy wakes up on Christmas Eve to find his only friend is dead. Merry Christmas!

Harry's Third Christmas Adventure

Moar Updating


Yes, so I haven't done anything here for quite a long time. That's not to say I've been doing nothing for the last few months. I've been doing very little, granted, but it's all for a good cause. No, not charity. I've been experimenting with different drawing methods for use in putting together a decent online portfolio. This comic will stay as low effort as ever, but I'd like to have some work online that isn't just a comic about a clumsy horse. That's understandable, right?


Minor Update


As aware as I am that no one reads this, and only a small amount more actually visit this website at all, I still feel that I should probably update this once in a while, just to make this look like a proper website run by someone who cares. Aside from nothing at all, this month I went on Google+ and enjoyed it. But I don't know anyone other than my brother on it, so on that social network I'm rather limited socially. Hence the Google+ links joining the usual Facebook and Twitter ones. Also, there's now adverts, because I'm a sell out.


Episode 104: A Fish Not Called Wanda


Second comic I've produced in a week. I'm a machine! Well, I am as long as the definition of 'machine' is someone who at one point in their life makes two comics in a week. I get the feeling I'm grasping at straws here.

A Fish Not Called Wanda

A sort of blog thing


Back in January, I made a Blogger account and embedded a blog into the home page here. Back in January, I realised this looked hideous and stopped updating it. Over the past couple of nights I've made my own, and have cheekily retroactively added some earlier entries to beef things up.


Episode 103: Beating a Dead Horse


Today marks the second annual Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, whereby everybody draws Mohammed to stick a middle finger up at those who would like to see freedom of speech dead. In my eyes, this day is not an attack against normal Muslims, nor should their prophet be singled out as an object of ridicule. But when embassies get burned down due to a few cartoons, and later even South Park has to censor itself out of fear from violence, then it's clear something is wrong.

Beating a Dead Horse

Episode 102: The Camping Trip


Well ooh la la! What's this now? Colour! Yep, that's right, I'm stepping up the effort involved here considerably by waving farewell to the black and white scans of old, and hello to proper graphics tablet based Photoshop monstrosities.

This comic is an odd one for me; it's very long (just a bit shorter than #100 if I'm correct) and is also quite tame as far as violence and unpleasant references go, though there still is some of both. The reason for this? I managed to make this whole redesign a university project, so I had to keep things a little bit presentable, and put in that extra bit of effort by making it unnecessarily long. On the other hand, Harry Horsefield is going to have contributed towards my degree in what is basically 'dicking around with some code here and there'.

The Camping Trip

Episode 101: The Rise and Fall of Harry Stardust


The first episode of 2011. There's been a gap of over 2 months between this and the previous one; mainly down to coursework getting in the way. I guess me prioritising education over crappy comics could show I'm becoming more responsible, but I don't like that at all. Responsible is very close to boring.

On with the episode!

The Rise and Fall of Harry Stardust