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How can I contact you?

By clicking on the Contact link you'll be overwhelmed with contact information; well, an email address, a Facebook fan page you'll be able to contact me through and my Twitter account. I aim to answer all messages, though that's down to me expecting to get about 3 fans and then drift into obscurity.

wtf is this I don't even...

This is a website, though you probably guessed that much.
The Misfortunes of Harry Horsefield is a comic drawn and created by me; Alex Womersley, and focuses on the life (or lack thereof) of Harry Horsefield, an extremely unlucky horse. There's not really much to say though, Harry does stuff, often with his friends and other members of the zany cast, and then bad stuff happens to him. It's occasionally funny, too. Just click the Episodes link to jump straight into a world of adventure and intrigue etc...

Give me a history lesson!

I first drew a comic featuring the titular horse in 2004 during a particularly boring science lesson in reference to a keyring I could see. Said keyring was of a little grey horse, but the keyring part itself was screwed into the horse's back. The default response to noticing this for any normal person is to draw a crude comic where a horse gets a hook through its spine, and that's what I did. This comic was sort of approved of by a small amount of people, so I did quite a few more. Then I got bored of them because they were rubbish. In 2007, during another boring lesson I decided to draw another comic featuring Harry Horsefield; this was much improved over the old 'classic' ones, but still rather crap. It was only then that I realised I could do better. And so it was, that I spent some time on a comic and it turned out good, and it caught the eye of numerous people and I got myself a small group of fans. And then I lost that episode. Fear not, for I then did another episode and decided not to lose it, so I didn't. I kept on doing episodes (the alternative was revising for exams) and managed to get myself a good number of fans. And that's pretty much how it all happened. Wasn't that interesting?

Will you upload these old episodes?

If demand is high enough I will, but they are really awful, trust me.

Is this just your doing, or are there others to blame?

Not exactly. While I do all the artwork, website trickery and most of the writing, I do not come up with all the ideas. My main colleague, partner in crime, right hand man, or whatever you'd call it is Tom Hodgson who assists me by coming up with a good number of ideas for episodes. Quite a help really, writer's block seems to be a monthly thing for me. Hmm... I just called myself a writer, that's pushing it.

I have an amazing idea for an episode!

Is it actually amazing? Is it new? Does it work? Yes? Then by all means email it to me, with 'Episode Idea' as the subject header. If I decide that it's appropriate (or appropriately inappropriate) then I just might make it. And don't worry, I'll give you credit for the idea.

Can I send you my fan art?

Of course! I like the idea of fans making tribute to my work, so feel free to email me your art, just be sure to have 'Fan Art' as the subject header. As I currently do not have a page on this website that displays fan art then if you want to have your work seen by all means upload it to the Facebook group's images. Unless, of course, it involves naughtiness; I don't think Facebook likes that sort of thing. If demand is high enough, I will make a fan art page.

Can I do anything to help?

That would be much appreciated! You see the nifty links below? By using those you can link people to this site from your Facebook or Twitter pages, Digg it or even email it! By all means use whichever of these you can to spread the word. You can also do this by word of mouth, but that's so last century. A bigger online presense means more potential fans. And more fans means more internet fame. And we all know that's totally just like real fame.

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